How did you know about &samhoud?
Via the company I used to work for, I was following a Personal Vision Training at &samhoud. When I entered the &samhoud "House of Connection" at the Parkstraat, I immediately thought 'wow, what a great organization'! I always wanted to work at a smaller and creative organization and &samhoud really attracted me, it felt like home. I have just called &samhoud and apparently a new vacancy was open for Office Manager. 

How has the uniqe culture of &samhoud helped you to be successful in your job? 
There is a judgment free culture here. You can really be who you are and are given lots of room and trust. This helps me to be successful in my job.

What does your day look like? 
I always start with making everything ready for the day, so our colleagues can work comfortably. I light the candles and the fireplace, check the fruits and make some juices. During the day I often receive phone calls from colleagues about parking places, I welcome guests, answer the phone, prepare lunch and come up with new recipes. Also, I'm always helping out colleagues where possible. Next to that, I'm in contact with our suppliers and discuss prices and agreements. When I leave the office, there are often still colleagues working, but I'm checking the empty rooms and prepare them for the next day. 

What do you like the most about working at &samhoud? 
The contact with the colleagues and clients and taking care of them, just taking the extra step. I see that this is really appreciated. 

What is your biggest challenge in your role at &samhoud?
For me the challenge is to satisfy everyone during the day and see them leaving our office happily, to take care of others so they can shine in their roles.