Which skills helped you to be successfull in your role?
Planning and organizing are things I really like, I would never reluctantly do the job. I am really interested in people, that is a good characteristic for a Management Assistant. I support 4 people and who all need a different kind of help. Furthermore, I am flexible and good at planning and doing the talk. You have to be okay with just doing and you have to be serving, after all you assist someone else.

What does a normal day look like to you?
I always start at 9 'o clock and receive e-mails and calls throughout the whole day. I always check my mail and the mail of the people I assist. Next I update and are busy with planning and organizing. In the mean time people pop-in with requests I subsequently carry out. A great deal of the time we, as Management Assistants, are busy with creating the overview. We are responsible for organizing the organization, which needs to be structured and in good shape.

What is your biggest challenge within your position at &samhoud?
As a Management Assistant you have to be proactive. You do not meet the person you assist that regularly, therefore you have to try and foresee the problems they may encounter. I work for four consultants and sometimes find it hard to be proactive for everyone at the same time.

What is a funfact about &samhoud most people don't know?
We have an open door policy; Salem Samhoud came up with this and as a consequence doors of some meeting rooms were literally taken away. Later some of these were returned.