How did you come across &samhoud?
I got to know &samhoud through a Personal Vision workshop I attended while I was a member of AIESEC. I thought at that time; what a nice people! Later I came to know that they had a consultancy business.

What does usual unusual look like within your job?
We help clients with big problems, with change challenges. We help them content wise but we also always try to come up with a form whereby people really discuss and feel what needs to take place for improvement. The other day we for example placed a big inflatable elephant in the middle of the room during a session. This enabled people to hold the conversation with each other and really create a breakthrough. Attention for the experience helps to have the right conversations 

Which skills helped you to be succesfull in your role?  
In my function skills such as being disciplined, open to other ideas, critical and a foresight thinker for upcoming problems all come to help.

How do you contribute to a ' brighter future'?
Mostly to showing clients how it can be done differently. We show that if an organization needs to change, this also can be done in a humane way. We bring positive energy within departments and organizations. Afterwards we sometimes hear from clients: " There was so much energy in our department when you guys were here." That is to me building a ' brighter future' at the client.

What is a fun fact about &samhoud most people don't know? 
That a lot of people while leaving &samhoud say: " I am going to miss the lunch made by the receptionists." Furthermore, I applied during a soccer tournament. In between matches I had my job interview. That is something you do not see often.