What does usual unusal look like within your job?
What I consider ' unusual' is the way in which we give an interpretation to consultancy. I feel more like an entrepreneur than a consultant, because I feel equally involved in the desired outcome as the client and as a kind of 'wingman' work to reach this. As a consequence I can be as enthousiastic about small and big successes as the client for who I work.
Secondly, I  actually work half of my time as ' entrepreneur' for NIPED, an E-health platform from which &samhoud is an shareholder. At the client I am paid for the time I put into it and at NIPED we hope to increase the shareholder value through the results we create.
What I also consider unusual is the way in which we bring a client into action through a combination of understanding, experiencing and getting started together.

Which skills helped you to be successfull in your job?
What really helped me is the fact that, through my former positions, I have a lot of knowledge of ' the client side' and of leading teams. Before &samhoud I worked in business for 20 years, so I understand the world of the client; I understand both the substantive challenges as the intern and extern stakeholder field with which they often have to work. Secondly, I am good at empathizing. I am also passionate about continuing to develop; I involved myself in many different projects to learn. I am able to be vulnerable and do not really believe in failing.

What do you like the most about working at &samhoud?
What really drives me is the 'Value Profit Chain'. This is our base philosophy which states that we want to inspire organizations and help to create breakthroughs to bring maximum value to employees, clients, stakeholders and society. I think it's awesome to be occupied with fundamental things. These sometimes have a big impact but I notice I can also get genuinely happy of small things. I am really satisfied when a client I spoke with really leaves with new insights which can bring him or her further. I find it most interesting when content and human come together. That in the core it is about corporate content, but in the execution there is a lot of attention to the human aspect to actually achieve the objectives we strive for. 

How do you contribute to a 'brighter future'? 
On microlevel through helping clients on all sort of topics and in all sorts of ways. Through inspiring organizations to develop a long term vision on the impact they want to have on client, employee and society. On societal level my work for NIPED gives me a lot of satisfaction, because of the ambition to make the Netherlands healthier together.