What does usual unusual mean in your job? 
Usual means to have the basic things in order, make sure the numbers are correct each day, so reports can be made. Very important! To me it's also really important that everyone is well informed and aware of our finances, the way we do this is challenging and asks for creativity and transparency, but it is quite unusual. 

What does your workday look like?
My days differ a lot. On Monday, for example, I have a lot of meetings with i.a. the team and project leaders, and we have the "fishbowl"-weekstart in which I inform all employees about the financial situation. Monday is normally just filled with meetings for me. I also consciously block days in my diary, to really be able to work on things. This is necessary when I am working on the monthly figures. On week a month is all about the monthly figures, those weeks are different as well. I really enjoy the diversity of my workdays!

What is your biggest challenge within your work at &samhoud?
The biggest challenge each day is to keep everyone informed on the finances. We have new colleagues frequently who also need to be up-to-date on that knowledge. I really want to create financial awareness among everyone.