How did you find out about &samhoud?
During my masters in Public Administration and Organizational Science I was looking for a company which not only wants to create financial benefit but also takes on a social role. Furthermore I was looking for a professional company which would offer plenty of opportunities for learning. Someone pointed &samhoud out to me and said they had what I was looking for; they worked on high level with big clients but also had a vision to make the world a better place. I applied for the position of Student Trainee. After I finished my masters I started as a consultant.

How did the unique culture at &samhoud enabled you to be successfull in your job?
First of all, through the fact that if you speak up about what you really want, opportunities will be created to do this. An example of how things go around here is that at one moment in time we were talking about our wish to get more education and more investment in our people. We then got the assignment to go to Dublin and get inspired about the ways of working at i.a. Google. At returning we wrote an education plan for &samhoud, which is now being executed!
Secondly, I feel I am being seen as the person I am. People not only see what I can do, but also the person I am and what fits me. I really feel that with everyone I worked with.
Thirdly, because of the casual and relaxed atmosphere there is a lot of room for fun. My colleagues are also my friends. Because of this I go to work with joy and I believe this improves my achievements.

How do you contribute to a 'brighter future' ? 
I contribute through three things. First of all on organizational level; through helping other organizations to lay bare there higher goals and help them to act from these. The thought behind this is that you are successful when you are not only going for financial value but also for employee- client - and social value. Secondly on individual level through helping people regain their joy in their work. To help them discover what they want, what they stand for and what they're good at. Helping people to find a deeper connection with themselves. I am convinced this adds to life satisfaction. That is really a part of our work. Thirdly, beside the ' normal things' we also do a lot of other cool things, such as the Summercamps for the team leaders of Albert Heijn. We take people by the hand in their personal development and give people a Personal Vision. We do a lot of things beside our regular work.