What does usual unusual mean in your job?
For me, unusual are the fun elements we add to client sessions. For example, when there is a overnight stay during the session, we put something nice on the pillows that really encourages people to think about what they have learned. We try to surprise during our client sessions. 

What makes working at &samhoud unique?
For me it always feels like a little party when I open our office door. The environment we work in is so nice, beautiful art is hanging on the walls, there are fresh flowers and there always is a delicious lunch and other treats. Wh

What do you like the most about working at &samhoud?
The diveristy! Not just in the work i do, but also in the different people I work with. I really think it's interesting and challenging to work together with several people. I'm a real team player so I enjoy achieving our goals together. It's also great to join a session every now and then and to see how thing are going there.

What is a fun fact about &samhoud that most people don't now?
We have been doing plenty of great activities that bring energy. For example, we have been to Terschelling with all our colleagues, we have finished the Zevenheuvelenloop with a smaller group and every year there is a 'Wie is de Mol?’ organized. We are not only creative for our clients, but also within our organization for and with our own colleagues.