What does usual unusual mean in your job?
 I have many different responsibilities and these bring me to different places in various environments. One day I am filming an open heart surgery in a hospital in India, the other day I'm in the kitchen of our 2 Michelin star restaurant &moshik and the next day I find myself at a muddy farm. Next to that, I'm also just working from our office. I meet so many different people, from street boys to boardroom directors. The scope of people I meet is very broad. 

How did the unique culture of &samhoud help you to be successful in your job? 
The best thing about working here, is that everyone is so dedicated. We are all doing our utmost best to make the best out of our job, that motivates me as well.

What makes working at &samhoud unique. 
Again, the people who really go for their goals. When I'm filming, I also go to companies where it's not like that. There I see people who really lost their motivation. We have our vision and our goals where we really go for. Next to that I think the freedom I have in my job is unique.

How do you contribute to a ‘brighter future’?
Communication is  essential in helping to improve other companies. I contribute to that by making cool videos that inspire others or inform them about what is happening in the organisations. In the end, this will help the organization in their change process.