What does usual unusual look like within your work?
We are the consultants with the creative twist. We, just like other consultants, think about the question; How do you help the client with change within the company? What is different is that we subsequently want to help the client in a way which leaves impact and is creative. We are always looking for something extra which makes it 'fun'. Multiple times we invited the orchestra of the national ballet, to help clients improve their leadership skills through leading the orchestra. Besides this it also demands a perfect cooperation between the team and it's leader. To me a boxing workshop we did, and sometimes also do with our clients, was an eyeopener. It is beautiful that, with the aid of sports you can come to bigger insights within yourself. Examples could be; Do you indicate your boundaries? Do you speak up enough? During a boxing session you ask yourself; What problems do I encounter during boxing? How do I find these back in my day to day work? Can I indicate my boundaries well enough on the workfloor?

How did the unique culture at &samhoud enabled you to be succesfull in your work?
The unique culture of &samhoud to me is that I like all my colleagues. If you are on a good page with everyone, this means you can ask everyone the questions you have. Everyone is willing to help you if you encounter a problem. &samhoud stands for the development of its own employees and offers for example a lot of training. You are constantly being challenged, you decide by yourself what you want to reach and what you are being reviewed throughout the year. This enables you to constantly work on your personal goals.

What makes working at &samhoud unique?
The freedom you have and the trust you receive are really motivational to me. I like the fact that I am not constantly being controlled but once I have questions the control is there. Our company is located in Utrecht but a lot of people live in Amsterdam. Frequently our team can be found working from a coffee place in Amsterdam. I get along really well with my colleagues and a lot of internal activities are being organized. I really feel at home here.

How do you contribute to a 'brighter future'?
Within &samhoud I am consciously thinking about what really needs to be printed, in order to not waste as much paper. Furthermore, I value the healthy lunch here. I think its important that we're able to eat healthy and not end up with fast food everyday. We also vote democratically every year for the charities that we will be supporting.
In my personal life I also try and live as sustainable as possible. I turn down the heating and switch off devices when I'm not using them. I also eat little meat and am committed to various charities. I e.g. walked 40 kilometers for the Nacht of de Vluchteling.