How did you find out about &samhoud?
During a course of the master Philosophy of Management I attended a guest lecture of a partner of &samhoud. He did several cases with us and explained more about &samhoud. I was intrigued by the company and asked my coordinator how I could get in touch with them. They happened to be looking for new Student Trainees!

What does usual unusal mean in your job?
Unusual to me is the fact that I am doing several different things at the same time, the work is really dynamic. I help one of the partners with his promotion research but I also help to prepare client sessions. I really like the fact that I am working closely with one of the partners while being a Student Trainee.

How did the unique culture of &samhoud enable you to be succesfull in your job?
You get a lot of freedom. I think it is special that you, as a student, are motivated to think about what you can do and about what your challenges are. The fact that, as a human, you can constantly grow, improve and develop, is really a part of the culture here. Through this you are constantly thinking about what more you can do and it keeps you sharp and focussed.

What is a fun fact about &samhoud most people don't know?
What I think is really cool, is the fact that &samhoud has paternity leave. Furthermore, a lot of people don't know that &samhoud has different business lines. Apart from the consultancy business, we for example have a restaurant, a VR Cinema and we sell vegetable burgers.