What does usual unusual mean in your job?
I mostly see this back in our sessions with clients. In these sessions people are involved in a creative way. Take for example the 'throw-microphone'. This microphone is used if we sit down with a group or department of 50 people in one room. It is like a big, soft dice with a microphone inside which is thrown around to different people. The consequences are of interaction and the fact that everyone has to be sharp and involved because no one knows who will be the next speaker.

What makes working at &samhoud unique?
The unique culture of openness and warmth. It feels self-evident but it is good to be conscious of this. What I think is unique to my job is the possibility to work with and think about important problems and questions at big companies and to see this within the perspective of different values. These are the financial value and the client value, but also the employee and social value. Especially the last two make a difference to me.

How do you contribute to a 'brighter future'?
On behalf of the client I think about what a project means to them in relation to a 'brighter future'. I also make specific personal choices such as a vegan diet or choosing sustainable transport; I take when possible the train or bike instead of the car.

What is your biggest challenge within &samhoud?
There is a challenge in being able to adequately switch between your client and your project leader and also taking into account your own time and work. It is important not let yourself be overrun.