Which skills helped you to be succesfull in your role?
In my function skills being: analytical, assertive, enterprising, curious, critical, creative and connective helps a lot. Furthermore, it is important you are good at cooperating and emphazing with others.

How has the uniqe culture of &samhoud enabled you to be successful in your job? 
Within &samhoud you are able to be yourself through an environment of trust and creativity. Beside that you receive a lot of freedom and opportunities for entrepreneurship and because of that it feels like 'the sky is the limit' for what I can reach within this company.

What do you like the most about working at &samhoud?
That I am constantly being challenged, helping people to create breakthroughs, explicitly working on value creation and the fact that I have nice colleagues. It is special to, together with your colleagues, help other organisations successfully pass complex transitions. If we, for example, organized an impact full meeting in which the penny has dropped, it makes me really proud. Furthermore, there is a lot of attention for personal development and education. We try to build a ' brighter future' together for both our clients and society as for ourselves. It is real fun to work here!

What is your biggest challenge in your role at &samhoud? 
Sometimes there are a lot of interesting and fun things coming at you. It is a challenge to choose on which you want to focus.