How did you come across &samhoud?
I organized a leadership workshop for my student association. For the content of this workshop I came into contact with the people of &samhoud because they gave workshops on Personal Vision. They told me they were still searching for Student Trainees, that is when I applied.

How had the uniqe culture of &samhoud helped you to be successful in your job?  
That is through three different things. First of all, through personal contact; both through the coaching your receive as well as through the friendships with your colleages. Secondly, through the trainings we offer; such as the Personal Vision sessions and the Student Trainee Intervision. In these sessions you work, among other things, on the things you find important in life and in your work. During the intervisions evaluation with the other Student Trainees takes place. Lastly, the opportunity to explore and develop your own ideas is unique and helped me to be successfull. There is a lot of freedom to work on things you came up with yourself.

What makes working at &samhoud unique? 
Through the work you do you are not only working on yourself, your team or the client, but you are also building a better future for society. Together with our corevalues friendship, authencity and intensity this makes a very special combination which you, in my opinion, will not find in many other places.