Which skills help you to be succesfull in your role?
My perseverance, creativity, ambition, passion for the job, directness and honesty. 

What makes working at &samhoud unique?
The different business lines lead to a lot of variety in my job, as I'm dealing with many different people and subjects, this makes my work very inspiring. One moment I am designing a one-pager for SPICE ice of &samhoud food, whereas the other moment I'm creating different brand outings, such as a poster for a new VR movie or a design for a consultant. It's great to be able to introduce ideas for our business lines and our clients that make them very happy. 

What do you like the most about working at &samhoud?
The diversity! That really attracted me when I decided to work here. It's great to be working various projects, I wouldn't be able to work for one client only and really enjoy the fact that I can put so many of my ideas in the different products. 

What is your biggest challenge within &samhoud?
I always try to make something visually attractive, which is a challenge on it's own. In my position, you often have to come up with great ideas within limited time. Sometimes it's difficult to be on such a high level all the time and continue to come up with new ideas. Working in such a creative team as ours really helps in this situation.