What does usual unusual mean in your job? 
Usual is to do all our consultancy projects extremely well and better than the rest!
Unusual is to involve another perspective, always thinking about the experience and as an entrepreneur. So for example think: What if this would be my organization? What can we undertake? This helps us to take more risks and give our clients different insights.
It's also quite unusual that we actually feel co-ownership in the result for the customer. You're doing it together and you feel deeply responsible to get to great results, implement change and by this, realize a real breakthrough. To me, it feels like we are really unique in that way. 

How has the unique culture of &samhoud enabled you to be successful in your job?
Naturally I am more of a listening and observing person, however the entrepreneurial and action-driven culture at &samhoud helps me to also be entrepreneurial. What &samhoud does, like no other, is holistically looking at the problem and from that broad overview being able to decide what is necessary for an impacting change.

What makes working at &samhoud unique?
What makes it unique is the fact that you're working with different people who all want to work from the same vision and who are all really motivated. Within your work at &samhoud you are constantly busy with personal growth and with how you can contribute to society. That makes who you are, what your job entails and all that happens outside of your work one storyline and not three different ones.

How do you contribute to a 'brighter future'? 
The way in which we work directly contributes to a 'brighter future' for people and organizations. I am now working on NL2025, a trajectory to make the Netherlands more beautiful. As a company, we want to implement things in society. We did this implicitly through e.g. giving a lot of lessons on connection, but in the future we want to do this more explicitly. Part of our new strategy is that we, as an organization, want to implement more tangible and clear results on the societal spectrum.

Personally I am establishing a Waldorf school, because I think this is highly necessary and I consider this form of education to be valuable.

What is a fun fact about &samhoud most people don't know?
Our vision was created when Salem Samhoud saw a sign in Soweto, a city in South-Africa, with the text: 'Together we build a brighter future'. This saying became our company's higher goal. 25 years after Salem saw the sign for the first time we returned to the same spot to symbolically place a new sign. This sign still resembles our higher goal.