How did you find out about &samhoud?
A friend of me noticed the vacancy of Student Trainee at &samhoud and immediately said: 'That's something for you". I totally agreed with that. I liked it so much that I started as Junior Consultant after I had finished my Master degree. 

What does usual unusual mean in your job?
Usual unusual is implemented in all aspects of my job. When talking about unusual in comparison to other consultancy agencies, is that we actively involve the client when looking for the best solution to embrace change. We will never come, see, tell and leave. We are really focused on working on solutions together with the client and we remain at the client until we are certain that we have made the difference. We always strive to realize impact at our clients and search for the best ways to make people feel and experience the change. To ensure that, we always look for the best unusual ways to set up interventions.   

What does your workday look like? 
I mostly start the day by going trough my emails and check my agenda on important milestones. Also, I look ahead to the weeks that are coming. I'm currently doing several projects, per project I keep track of the priorities. I decide when I do what, but there are many colleagues who are willing to help me. Then I start making presentations and I often have a meeting with the projectteam to discuss the next steps in the process.  

What makes working at &samhoud unique?
The client always comes first, so will we do anything in our power to get to the change we want to realize. I think &samhoud is unique in the way we are always look at what really creates value. It's great to experience our final result with the full team and the client together.

What is a fun fact about &samhoud that most people don't know?
Our office is a huge source of inspiration, also because of the art in the building. Most of it is inspired on our core values. Next to that we always have a delicious lunch made by our colleagues.